Practice Areas

ATVSC experts have testified for both plaintiffs and defendants in court and have been deposed for numerous OHV accident cases.

Areas of expertise have included:

  • Manufacturer recommended OHV operational procedures
  • OHV Industry guidelines for operator age recommendations
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ATV Consent Decree requirements
  • CPSC ROV & OHV recommendations
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ATV and ROV configuration and performance requirements
  • OHV Owner and Operator responsibilities
  • Use of OHVs by children and parental responsibility
  • Training of OHV operators. Knowledge of OHV industry approved education curricula
  • Beginner to advanced 4x4/SUV training curriculum
  • OHV use in commercial, industrial and government agency applications
  • Proper personal protective equipment and apparel
  • Vehicle recovery procedures/techniques
  • Recovery resistance calculations
  • Winch operator safety
  • Manufacturer specific driving aids
  • Terrain management / surface composition
  • Beginner to advanced 4x4/OHV training curriculum